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We offer our clients – listed and public companies – a complete integrated report design and stakeholder communication solution built on a seamless partnership with each of them.

Aiming for excellence

We assist our clients to keep abreast of changes in reporting legislation and trends to ensure that their integrated reporting and communication strategies remain effective. And, we do this by ultimately delivering a high-quality product.

Our service offering includes stakeholder reporting (e.g. integrated report design and interim reporting), corporate actions and digital services.

We offer an advisory service that taps into extensive research and experience in reporting, focusing on fulfilling requirements by the global reporting initiative, King III, JSE Listings Requirements and the new Companies Act. Combining our expertise in analysing, structuring, copywriting, integrated report design and publishing, we offer a spectrum of options that range from full service (developing concepts and copy in all mediums, to physical delivery of annual reports to shareholders) to project assistance on selected elements of our clients’ integrated reporting design and corporate action needs.

Our business requires seamless partnering with our clients through focused project management, attention to detail, creative flair and highly competent logistics management.

We provide a simple, yet complete solution for all your stakeholder reporting needs.


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